Use a password manager... even for pizza

Use a password manager... even for pizza

Story time!

I've become an advocate for password managers - they have changed the way I use the Internet. I've been pwned at least 23 times; the passwords I used for everything throughout highschool and college are pretty much public knowledge. If I use them in combination with my email address or name - I guarentee someone is going to log into my account.

Switching to a password manager was one of the smartest security choices I've made in recent years. No two of my (recently used) accounts have the same password and I've become quite a vocal advocate for all of my friends and co-workers to adopt the password manager lifestyle.

Enter Matt: coupon-code connoisseur, stickermule stickler, and lover of deals. A few months ago he became a convert of the church of LastPass and has done an excellent job at using it for most of the services important to him. Burdened with accounts to every retailer on the planet, one of the strategies I gave him to fill in his LastPass account with all of his passwords was to periodically log himself out of accounts so he's forced to fill in his password, and potentially even change it.

He was doing well... until he got an email.

Sacré bleu!

A horror that can only fully be understood when you know how much Matt loves all things free: referral programs, point systems, BOGO offers. Someone took his free pizza (and hilariously paid for delivery).

So - let this be a lesson. Unique passwords can prevent the evildoers of the world from taking that which is most dear to you... at least if that thing is pizza.

Side-note: I use Bitwarden. Arguably fewer features than services like LastPass - but I'm in for the open-source nature and the (relatively) easy self-hosting option. :)